Being an ex-felon does not make you someone who is useless. However, for ex-felons, being lost on what awaits outside jail is a normal thing. For them, getting a good occupation is next to impossible what more to establish or run a business. Good thing, grants for felons are now proposed by different government agencies. This is offered to give chances for ex-convicts to begin living their lives again after they will be freed from prison.

College Grants for Ex-felons

For ex-convicts, application for any specific form of loans is not easy or even impossible. This is why it’s hard for them to get enough resources to start a business through the loan providers. For that reason, many of them chose the opportunity to take advantage of grants for attending school. Getting these grants entitles ex-felons to have a certification on training which would be helpful to start a living once again. Among the educational grants provided to ex-felons is the Federal Pell Grants, however, they are not providing this grant to individuals who are convicted as drug addicts. Aside from that, for those who want to launch their own business, they can attend webinars which are provided by agencies like SCORE. This online seminar is both advantageous for people who are about to start a business and to people who are already starting their business. They can make use of the mentorship programs of SCORE, in which there would be a face-to-face interaction between the teachers and the ex-felons. Even though it is never impossible for ex-felons to be approved on the grants not specifically made for them, they may get through a long process.

Angel Investor Grants

There are some financiers that provide assistance for ex-felons, the opportunity to operate a small business in exchange for proving themselves they can do it and they are willing to do it. This is truly probable for those ex-convicts who show a great potential when it comes to operating a business, they will be supported by these investors to get a loan grant. Additionally, ex-felons can be assisted by some small business association when it comes to certain loan grants to start their business, be it a plumbing or landscaping business. The so-called Second Chance Act also benefits ex-felons by way of employment guidance and monitoring, even though there may be variations on the program among states.

Grants For Small Business

The grant aims to support the ex-prisoners to find funds to help with their idea of opening a business. Furthermore, they are given programs and seminars which will be a perfect way to give them aid to properly launch a business.

There are a lot of grants for felons proposed by the government today. This is great news not just to all ex-prisoners but to their families as well.

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