Columbia’s tango thongs for men will feature soft, suede straps and then with the insole linings. You can wear these sleekly designed thongs to treat your well deserving feet to style and comfort. This sandal is contoured EVA footbed with the rubber sole.


Columbia products will be engineered using the best technologies and it will be the highest quality materials. This sandal will provide you with the innovative products that will be functional yet stylish and have a great value. Columbia will offer a wide variety of outdoor performance footwear and outerwear.

The tango thong sandals and leather to make it the perfect thong for all occasions. This will provide a superior cushioning with the higher energy return and non-marking sole with a grip. This sandal will be lightweight midsole for the long-lasting comfort; superior cushioning and it will have high energy return.

Columbia men’s tango thong sandals will contour and textured footbed for the excellent support and comfort. These will be the finest and most comfortable flip flops in the world. If you have heel pain then this sandal will work for you. This will head into adventure this sporty sandal from SOLE. The sports flips will feature a synthetic upper that will be cushioned footbed for a comfortable fit. Sole sandals will be definitely the cheaply made flip flops that are designed to wear moldable. They will contour the shape of the unique foot.

User Reviews

Vicki A. – These were purchased for my husband who already owns the brown version of this shoe. He absolutely loves these sandals and was wearing them every time we went out. I thought it would be nice to have another color option and to give the brown ones a break 🙂 He loves this color option as well.

Va Sorrell – These are clearly the best quality sandals for the $. and in size 15 which is so hard to find. we like Columbias clothing as well altho expensive.l Now today 4/12/17 one sandal has broken it’s thong. I have ordered & paid for a replacement pair. thru amazon. too bad they didn’t last longer. we will still go with Columbia brand. so i give them 5 stars in spite of the bad shoe. My husband prefers the Columbia brand and is not overly hard on his shoes.

If you are trying to buy some good quality Columbia sandals then men’s sandal will be still original quality. Columbia will be used to make comparisons to other sandals and it will be an excellent choice for men to get quality sandals. This will add a pad for the instep and it will feel great.

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